Cube stuff by Julien Marodon aka D.plomat

  • Island (Preversion):

    Warning: This is a huge open map with lots of water, so you'll need a good machine to play it.
    Minimal config for this map is about 1.5 GHz CPU, GeForce3/4.
    On my config (Athlon XP 2000 with GeForce4MX440), i have an average 50fps and a minimum of 30fps.
    ...and the water is really sparkling :) Cool water again...
    This castle occludes much but it can't do miracles ;) Yes, you can run on those... but not very optimized, i'll probably remove them.
    Download map Download cfg
    note: The cfg is optional. However be sure to have minlod 250, and watersubdiv equal or higher to 4.

WTF: Those are Q2 models, with the skin converted and renamed to: skin.jpg. I separated the sounds, as using them in Cube requires some coding.
Use: To test a model, you need to unpack it's zip into an existing monster dir in packages/models/monster, after making a backup of the monster's dir, as this will overwrite it's files.
note: Those can't be used for the Hellpig, as it uses non Q2-standard animations frame numbers.

His colors accords well with the slimeball, so i use it for the Goblin, and the Goblin sound are ok with him.
The skin i put in the package wasn't the default one who was a bit too dark, but a more colored one from the original package.
Somewhat low-poly but still looking good on a small monster.
Same thing for the rifle and sounds, so i use it for the Slith.
Also his death animation and body is awesome...
Packaged with it's CTF_B skin. IMO it's the coolest one.

    WTF: Those are waypoint files to use with Rick's Cube bots.
    They help the bots finding their way through huge maps, especially SP maps.
    Use: Copy those files into the bot/waypoints/ directory.
  • waypoints for Vaterland map
  • Modbase: (work in progress)